Startup Women Date Night – Boss Up

Our event was held on the 26th of February 2020 at the UCT Graduate School of Business. As the RLabs Women team, we want women to be able to connect with other like-minded women in a fun and open space. The theme of this event was Boss Up. We wanted to encourage women to be their own bosses. Whatever you feel like you need to do in your life right now, boss up and do it!

We kicked off the evening with a live broadcast on RLabs Radio (which you can listen to at hosted by our awesome Live team. We, of course, had to have the ladies do some networking and getting to know each other, make connections, and all those good things. You can scroll through the posts on Instagram by searching for the hashtag #RLabsWomen and #BossUp.

Before the evening began, we had Anna Biyana bring the buck with a krump dance! Later on she she received a contribution from to go towards her business, Anna B Graphics.

There was a quick karaoke session where we all sang Underdog by Alicia Keys. It’s a beautiful and uplifting song that really set the tone for the evening.

Our brilliant guest speaker, Anika Ebrahim, had the ladies hanging on her every word with an inspirational, powerful, and moving talk. Her talk centred around inclusivity and what it really means to be a woman of colour in the workplace in modern-day South Africa.

What is a Startup Women Date Night without some business pitching? As the ladies entered the venue, there was a fishbowl and some pitching cards. On these cards these ladies had to write down a few details about their business. Later in the evening, one card at a time would be randomly fished from the bowl. Whoever was chosen was given the opportunity to pitch their business to our billionaire. It always astounds us how eager and excited the ladies are to talk about their projects, businesses, ideas, hopes, and dreams. We love you for it!

We had spot prizes throughout the evening to keep the ladies on their toes. Tell us what boss up means to you and you could have won some Clicks Curls tickets. If you knew some history about RLabs Women you would have stood a chance to win a cool RLabs Women branded t-shirt or notebook if you answered our pop quiz correctly.

Rene Parker gave us some updates on what’s new in RLabs Women. Look out for RLabs Beauty in the near future!

Our beneficiaries and Zlto winners from the pitching cards were handed over their cheques towards the end of our Date Night. We know that we can expect great things from these amazing women. You can read more about this on our website

To close out the evening, we had our very own Lady G performing her latest song for us, Rise of the Contagious Woman. This song got the ladies so hyped and ended our event off with a bang! Such powerful lyrics, you can’t help but feel inspired and ready to Boss Up.

Thank you so much to our awesome ladies for always attending our events and for your continued support. Please stay in touch to make sure you hear about our future events and courses.

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