Design my Brain for Business: Pitch Perfect @ RLabsU

It’s been an enriching experience for both the entrepreneurs and the RLabs Women team as we conducted our final session on Saturday 2nd November 2019 for the Design my Brain for Business course.

The topics covered in Module 5: A deep-dive on the Business Model Canvas, The Power of Storytelling in Business, How to use existing Products to Build your Brand, Why Collaboration and Relationships are Important when starting your business, and Elevator Pitch.

We place great value on people. Yes, they are categorized according to their accomplishments, positions, entrepreneurs, investors, etc. They were regarded as ordinary people like you and I, once upon a time. One thing we all have in common is that all accomplishments start with a humble story copy-written. Ironically in this period, I was posed a question whats is the importance of collaboration and partnerships in my response to all entrepreneurs “The importance of collaboration and partnerships money is never the core driver, it is always to grow association”. To bring it all together we know that there are concepts and terminology in the sphere of business we cannot escape. In this regard, we had the ladies formalize all the knowledge they have obtained in a form of an Elevator Pitch.  

By the end of the module, the women had a good understanding of why they should own their story, the power of storytelling and the importance of seizing every opportunity at their disposal.

Here are a few highlights that the entrepreneurs were more than willing to share pertaining the 7 weeks with RLabs Women. 

“I loved the session on how to advertise my business”

“My new Friends” &“Social Media for Business ended too soon”

“Design my brand kit was a favorite learned a lot and the most fun” & @MarlonParker’s story was inspiring” 

“Excellent classes I personally feel I would like to do the classes again and again” Well done!!! May you go from strength to strength”

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