Design my Brain for Business: Social Media for Business @ RLabsU

Another one of our Design my Brain for Business modules! We decided to create this module because we believe every business needs to be on social media to have a presence, and to reach/engage a greater community for business exposure, thus we called it Social Media for Business.

Female Entrepreneurs got introduced and  exposed to two platforms that are called Facebook and Instagram, two top social media platforms that are widely recognised and has a huge active community.  It was encouraged that our female entrepreneurs do this course so that they may learn the following for themselves and their business:

  • To grow and build a business brand online from scratch.
  • Learn a wealth of valuable information that you can apply to a social media business account.
  • To learn how to use Facebook and Instagram marketing tools for business.

The ladies were happy and very excited to walk away with their very own business accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

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