Design my Brain for Business: Design My Brand Kit @ RLabsU

RLabs Women had their second module of Design My Brain for Business from 28th  September – 5th October 2019. This module, Design My Brand Kit, was created by RLabs Women with the goal being to help women build their business brand and become successful entrepreneurs. 

The topics covered involved understanding your business and ideas, creating ideal logos, understanding colours with meaning, and creating the first iteration of business cards.

The ladies in this class had lots of fun during this module as they got to tap into their creativity. They touched on understanding colours, patterns, fonts, and styling. The ladies even went a step further in session 2 and covered colour theory and how it applies to creating logo designs.

Using everything discussed and learned in the sessions, they went into finding templates that suit the ideas that were sparked, keeping in mind colours, patterns, and styling. By the end of the module, the women had a good understanding of their business branding.

“  Some awesome lessons learnt and a great tool for my business. ” – Entrepreneur


Day One

We started our first session with a check in called “Charade your business” where each female had to act out how they are feeling from 1 feeling not so good and 10 feeling better than great, then acting their business function without using any words just actions and have the rest of the group try and guess what they are feeling and what their business function is .

Thereafter we jumped straight into activities around functionality, business problem solving, who are their business competitors & customers having group discussions to understand whether they are in the right “path” with that being done we also went into understanding colours, patterns, fonts & styling.

Day Two

Check in: Colours

This activity had 3 moves that consists of an action as well as sound one has to make. When making the initial move in which the person would so shout out “red!” and have their arms directed forward, it is sent to someone. When the person is on the receiving end they would then shout out “yellow!”, the people on the left and right of this individual would then shout out purple and direct their arms onto the “yellow” individual.

In this session we’ve covered the colour theory and how it applies when designing a logo. We’ve selected the colours red which represents focus, yellow which represents happiness and purple which represents creativity and youthfulness.

We then used everything we’ve discussed and learnt the week before and went into finding templates that suit the ideas that were sparked the week before keeping in mind colours, patterns & styling.

By the end of the module, the women had a good understanding of their Business Branding.

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