Design my Brain for Business: Business Modelling @ RLabsU

RLabs Women kicked off their brand new course on the 7th of September 2019. It’s called Design my Brain for Business, which is an 8-week course consisting of 5 modules. The course as a whole was created by RLabs Women with the goal to help women build their business from point A to point Z and become successful entrepreneurs.

Saturday, 14th September 2019 marked the end of module 1 of the course, Business Modelling.

The topics covered in Module 1 are Customer Persona, Empathy Map, The Golden Circle, and Business Model Canvas. 

“I have come to learn how to start my own business and which steps to follow and how to create our own plans.” – Entrepreneur

The feedback from the group was that the activities helped them to better strategize through participating in the activities. For many of the entrepreneurs, it was their first time thinking about these new concepts to enhance their businesses. Even for those with existing businesses, it gave them the opportunity to reimagine their business.  

By the end of the module, the women had a good understanding of their customers and business needs.

“This class has made me more confident in speaking about my business.” – Entrepreneur

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