Geeky Moms 2nd Semester at RLabs U

RLabs Women currently offers Geeky Moms under its Digi Women programme. This is the longest-running course within the RLabs Academy. It originally started out as “Mom 2.0” in September 2008 giving 20 moms a new experience to engage with technology for the first time with the belief that it was also the beginning of greater things in our community. Over the years it has evolved from Mom 2.0 – Mom 9.0 within the span of 8 years.  Because of the wealth of stories and life changing experiences evident on the blog, this has to be one of the most exciting courses within RLabs U. It continues to bring women from every walk of life and different cultures together every Saturday for at least 6 Saturdays to learn about the internet, emailing as well as Social Media. 

Overview of the course

In week one the Ladies are treated to a pampering session before their first encounter with the laptop. According to Statistic’s SA 2016 DHS indicate that on average, 1 in 5 South African women older than 18 has experienced physical violence; 4 in 10 divorced or separated women reported physical violence, as has 1 in 3 women in the poorest households. Therefore the objectives of the pampering session is to: experience a positive form of touch; rejuvenate their senses;  for the women to have some “me time” and get to know the facilitators via having a one-on-one chat. 

The extra benefit is that the pampering session boosts their confidence and makes the women more comfortable in front of the laptop and removes the initial fear and anxiety. 

 Week 2-6 is where the women explore the gateway to infinite possibilities providing the women with the following tools: Gmail, Google Apps, Blogger, Facebook and Zlto. Using these tools the women learned how to email; how to find a location and directions using online maps, how to use search engines to navigate the world wide web; accessing social networks as a means of communication and sharing information; how to write and publish stories; staying safe online and how to capture impact by learning or doing good.

Here is the link to the Blog Posts published since 2008.

“I got to know about RLabs through my children doing the IT course and Growing Leadership Academy course. I was very inspired and interested in what other courses they were offering.I applied for Geeky Moms course learning about emails, blogging, and social media  networks.” By Shirley Harris (Geeky Moms 2019)”


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