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RLabs Women hosts a Networking Date Night every quarter. Our event held on the 28th of August 2019 was our biggest RLabs Women event thus far, with over 75 women in attendance. As the RLabs Women team we want women to be able to connect with other like-minded women in a fun and open space. The theme of this event was celebrating the African Woman, preparing women for the future of work, and the 4th industrial revolution. This we have successfully set out to do by hosting a live broadcast, some networking, inspirational talks, giveaways, pitching and cash prizes handed over by our in-house billionaire.

We kickstarted the evening with a live broadcast on whereby we shared the success stories of our beneficiaries. The first interview we conducted was done with our very first beneficiary Justine Jooste (26) founder of Boujee, from Athlone, Cape Town.

Celebrating 1 Year of investments with

Our program for the evening encouraged all the ladies to interact with one another and this set the pace for an evening filled with different activities. A highlight for the evening was having the ladies engage on social media, capturing selfie moments, and moving their bodies to the funky beats.


We had our guest speaker, Genevieve Mannel, who was voted as one of the Inspiring Fifty women in tech, in South Africa in 2018. She has done so much over her 22 year career including  successfully implementing business intelligence reporting solutions across various platforms. She is extremely passionate about the dynamic that artificial intelligence brings to an already existing data world. Her talk on the evening inspired the ladies to upskill themselves and keep their skills relevant. She spoke about the lack of equality within schools especially how 4th generation classes are geared towards boys and not girls.

Guest Speaker, Genevieve Mannel – InspiringFifty 2018 Winner

Rene Parker, RLabs Director, a founding member of RLabs Women and our very own team leader  also took up the platform at Date Night to share some inspiring thoughts and attributes she believes every leading female should carry with them wherever they go. 

“We are not to be trampled on – in a relationship, in the workplace, anywhere! Although we ought to use our strengths to work with one another, not against. ”

To find out more about the many things she spoke about read Chante Classen’s  blog.

Guest Speaker, Rene Parker – RLabs Women Founder & InspiringFifty 2019 Winner

Billionaire quote: “The idea you find crazy, is often the one that can change another person’s life!”

It was a pleasure to have Chante Classen, the blogger at SisterGirl, share her view on our event. Read more about it on:



We would like to thank our amazing sponsors for contributing in making the event a success and for providing giveaways to our brave entrepreneurs.

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