Autumn Bootcamp 2019

Our purpose is to unleash the unrealized greatness in women so that they can dominate the entrepreneurship and technology domains.

In working towards this goal, we’ve set out to break new ground, starting with our first ever, Start Up Women Autumn Bootcamp.

This bootcamp will be aimed at female entrepreneurs who desire to grow, inspire and expand the work that they’re currently doing. The entrepreneurs would participate in sessions covering the following topics: Skills Development, Capacity Building and Tenacity Training.

On Tuesday evening, 02 April 2019, we invited all the entrepreneurs who’ve been selected based on their application for the bootcamp, to attend an information session. At this session, we took them through what to expect before, during and after the bootcamp. We will continue to offer support to these entrepreneurs even after they’ve completed the Autumn Bootcamp cycle.

Entrepreneurs introducing themselves to one another at the Bootcamp Information Session.

Jodi Biggs, one of the participants shared her thoughts with us regarding the evening, “It was very formal, calm and relaxed. There being a few people, it was very quiet. However, there was a nice time to socialize over a wonderful meal. The presentation was clear and informative and we even received a pamphlet with all the information on it which was great! I had a wonderful time in that environment and being surrounded by business women, I didn’t feel intimidated as I normally would. “

We are very excited to be able to give women this memorable experience and we look forward to the upcoming sessions which will allow them to go through the Golden Circle activity as well as take a closer look at their Business Model Canvas’.

“Expect the unexpected, and whenever possible, be the unexpected.”

– Lynda Barry

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